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Saturday, September 12, 2009

DRC 2.0 Update - Build 2.023 is available

Hi everyone:

    I just released an update to Digital Rockhound's companion version 2.0.

This update is about building a better mouse trap.  Another change at Windows Live has broken the Updater in DRC.   This update now allows me to push out an update that automatically downloads or an update that requires a manual download.  I am hoping with this approach I'll no longer have to notice users by email when the updater has been changed.  I guess I wait and see if this is indeed a better mouse trap.

  • Bug Fix: Corrected an error in DRC Updater (caused by change at Windows Live site) that prevented the update from being downloaded.
Confirmed that the new Windows XP, Windows Vista.

Please note: This update requires Microsoft .net Framework 2.0.
Installer for Microsoft .net Framework 2.0 can be found here if you need it.

Full revision history

This update is free to all current users of DRC 2.0.
I have sent email notification to all current users, however if you feel you should get this update and did not receive an email please contact me Gary Kindel.

Gary Kindel
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