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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Digital Rockhound Companion Updates

Current version of Digital Rockhound's Companion is 2.0.30

Revision History:
  • Build 2.0.30  Bug Fix /Enhancement 2010-02-10
  • Build 2.0.29  Bug Fix /Enhancement 2010-02-10
  • Build 2.028 Enhancement 2009-12-20
  • Build 2.0.27 Bug Fix /Enhancement 2009-12-02
  • Build 2.0.26 Bug Fix 2009-11-21
  • Build 2.025 Bug Fix 2009-11-5
  • Build 2.024 Enhancement 2009-10-17
  • Build 2.023 Bug Fix 2009-09-12
  • Build 2.022a Bug Fix 2009-09-06
  • Build 2.022 Bug Fix 2009-08-31
  • Build 2.021 Enhancement 2009-07-24
  • Build 2.020 Enhancement 2009-06-23
  • Build 2.019 Bug Fix 2009-06-20
  • Build 2.018 Bug Fix 2009-06-11
  • Build 2.017 Bug Fix 2009-05-24
  • Build 2.016.Enhancement 2009-05-23
  • Build 2.015 Bug Fix 2009-05-22
  • Build 2.014 Bug Fix 2009-04-16
  • Build 2.012 Bug Fix: 2009-04-11
  • Build 2.0.11 Enhancement: 2009-04-05
  • Build 2.0.10 Bug Fix: 2009-03-10
  • Build 2.0.9 Enhancement: 2009-03-09
  • Build 2.0.8 Bug Fix : 2009-03-08
  • Build 2.0.7: Bug Fix : 2009-03-06
  • Build 2.0.6: Bug Fixes : 2009-02-28
  • Build 2.0.5: Enhancement : 2009-01-03
  • Build 2.0.4: Bug Fixes : 2009-01-03
  • Build 2.0.3: Bug Fixes : 2009-01-03
  • Build 2.0.2: Bug Fixes: 2008-12-27
  • Build 2.0.1: Bug Fixes and Integrated Update feature: 2008-12-06
  • Build 2.0.0 Initial Release of 2.0: 2008-11-01
Bug Fixes, new and enhanced Features:

Build 2.0.30

     Mouse cursor: hourglass disappearing before form is opened.

     * Mine Search
        - Added Deposit Type search parameter
        - Change Commodity search parameter to be a dropdown list
        - Changed Commodity Modifier search parameter to be a dropdown list
   Added PrintList button to:
       - Book List
       - Location List
       - Fossil List
       - Mine Search
       - Mineral List
       - Mineral Search
       - Periodic Table Search
       - Mineral Collection Search
      -  Mineral Collection List
      -  Digital Map Layer List
      -  Place Name Search
      -  Storage Location List
   Data Update:
     Mineralogical Record
       - Updated index and cover images up to Q1 2010.

Build 2.0.29

     * Improved Mineral Search
         - Added dropdown list for Cleavage values
         - Added dropdown list for Fracture values
         - Added dropdown list for crystal habit values
         - Added Country/State/County parameters to search to produce list of mineral species found at selected region.
     * Replaced existing webbrowser control based on  IE with newer control supported by the .net Framework.
         - Google cutting IE 6.0 support March 1, 2010.
     * ImageImport Tool
         - Added button to delete all selected images from temporary cache       
     * Digital Map Layers
        - Replaced mapping control with newer control written in C# .netframework 2.0
    * DRC to Blogger interface
       - Added View Data to list export.  Allows you to remove rows before export.
       - Changed button icons and added tooltip text
       - Added multiple select list of existing tags so user can add tags when creating a blog post        

   Bug Fixes
    * DRC to Blogger interface 
        - Fixed bug prevented blog entries from being updated after being cached locally.
        - Fixed bug that could cause google login to be very slow.
      - Corrected messages in status bar to properly reflect actions while searching.
      * ImageImport Tool
        - Fixed File delete from temporary image cache

Build 2.028
  • Replaced Data Combo box on Collecting Locations and Mineral Collection screens so the auto-complete feature works smoother.
  • Rearranged Collecting Locations screen to make it more visually appealing.

Build 2.027
  • Bug Fix: Error 730 when opening Mine Search.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug in Dropdown list auto-complete on Collection Search, Mine Search, Mineral Search, and Place Search screens.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug in Collecting searching ignoring not clearing results after each search.
  • Enhancement: Replace Bulk Image capture with new screen.
Build 2.026
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Place Search lookup on Mine form
  • Bug Fix: Fixed error 438 on Digital Map button from Mine Search Screen.

Build 2.025
  • Bug Fix: Full Installation failing to upgrade the database properly.
  • Enhancement: Replaced Data Combo box on several search screens that use proper auto-complete while typing or selecting values.

Build 2.024

  • Major Enhancement - Added ability to blog data and photos from DRC 2.0 to a Blogger blog using Google Account.
  • Bug Fix: Updater, blogger no longer providing contentlength 100% of the time when downloading a webpage.

Build 2.023
  • Bug Fix: Corrected an error in DRC Updater (caused by change at Windows Live site) that prevented the update from being downloaded.

Build 2.022a
  • Bug Fix: error in installer that caused runtime error 429 object not found when installed on a workstation for the first time. DRC version remains at 2.022. Installer change only

Build 2.022
  • Bug Fix: Added back user prompt to exit and install update after download is complete.

Build 2.021
  • Enhancement: Improved Updater added.

Build 2.020
  • BugFix: Errors linking tbDeposits and tbGeology tables for Mine Summary report
  • Enhancements: Ability to delete images from image cache and unassigned Images.

Build 2.019
  • Enhancement: Added reports support to Mines Form and added Mine Summary report.
Build 2.018

  • BugFix: Filtering image files only to import into pic\cache folders
  • Enhancement: Added Delete warning to delete button on frmFossils

Build 2.017

  • BugFix: Fixed Fossil menu issue on Windows 2000

Build 2.016

  • Enhancement: Fully intregrated new Fossil collection database into DRC including basic data entry, adding/importing images, label printing, custom list creation, and storage locations for fossils.

Build 2.015
  • Fixed bug that prevented images from being imported.
  • Enhancement: Added Fossil Specimen database.
Build 2.014
  • Fixed Another annoying syntax error when saving mineral specimen.
Build 2.0.13
  • Fixed annoying syntax error when saving mineral specimen.
Build 2.0.12
  • Reworked Online Updates to support change in SkyDrive user policy, nolonger supporting direct static links to files.

Build 2.0.11
  • Added Right-click menu option to Maximize and RestoreSize to forms, so the UI experience is better.
  • Fixed bug causing CPU usgae to spike when closing application if form windows are maxizimed.
  • Improved the DRC Download latest update process to automatically close DRC and launch the update.
  • Added URL link to SkyDrive Folder home of DRC Updates.

Build 2.0.10
  • Fixed tbMineral_Alias and tbMineral_Varities in tbMinerls.mde to allow zero length strings in color and description fields.
Build 2.0.9
  • Enhancement - Opens folder where DRC_UPDATE.EXE is located when download is complete.

Build 2.0.8

  • Fixed Error on Mine Search, invalid sql after selecting State value from Dropdown combobox.

Build 2.0.7
  • Fixed Error 3021 recordset BOF EOF when opening an empty custom list
Build 2.0.6
  • Fixed error causing invalid use of null error when saving first custom list.
  • Fixed one error condition that was leading to error message operation cancelled when browsing the mineral collection database record to record using arrow (VCR) buttons.
Build 2.0.5
  • Added Get Latest Update option under Help Menu. Also opens explorer to location where Update file was downloaded to.
Build 2.0.4
  • Label object and help buttons become misaligned when the Map Builder form is resized to be taller.

Build 2.0.3
  • Duplicate Index error when saving mine search results to custom list if mine alias names are displayed in the search results.
Build 2.0.2
  • Cannot add available map layer to a new or an existing digital map
  • Incorrect version of Application displayed in lower left status bar panel.
Build 2.0.1
  • Added Check for Updates to Application
  • Auto-complete for data bound dropdown lists not working as intended.
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