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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Silver Mines of Madison County Missouri

Silver Mines Recreation Area in Madison County, Missouri is located west of Fredericktown . It is situated along a steep river gorge of the St. Francis River. This area contains the ruins of both a 1920s silver mine and a World War II era tungsten mine. Examples of the minerals that were once mined can still be found in the abundant tailings on the south side of the St. Francis River, just downstream of a now-breached stone dam. They consist of metallic-appearing sulfides such as sphalerite, arsenopyrite, and marcasite embedded in opaque veins of quartz. Careful searchers can also find crystals of wolframite, a tungsten ore that was mined briefly during World War II when access to other sources was cut off, and small grains of topaz, which caused the earlier silver miners of the area considerable economic grief by wearing out their diamond-tipped drills more quickly than anticipated. Both highly magnetic magnetite and slightly magnetic ilmenite (titanium ore) grains can be found be found in patches of black sands left along the beach of the main swimming area.

Madison County also contains unique igneous rocks not found anywhere else, such as Devonite, a colorful decorative stone found only in a single in single igneous intrusion dike on Mount Devon.

Fredericktown is located at 37°33′34″N 90°17′40″W / 37.55944°N 90.29444°W / 37.55944; -90.29444 (37.559436, -90.294533)[4].

Listed Below are silver mines listed for Madison County from DRC 2.0.
Mine NameLatLongTownshipRangeSection
19 RowsData exported from DRC 2.0 (c) 2009 Gary Kindel
APEX SILVER MINE - SHAFT NUMBER ONE37.554722-90.45033 N005 E12
E P SETTLE SILVER MINE37.387222-90.364167031 N006 E10
EINSTEIN MINE37.557222-90.4425033 N005 E12
EINSTEIN MINE- APEX MINE37.5575-90.443333033 N005 E14
EINSTEIN SILVER MINE37.5575-90.442778033 N005 E12
GABRIEL SHAFT37.561111-90.443889033 N005 E12
HARRY CLOVER PROPERTY37.523611-90.210833033 N008 E30
HENSON SHAFT NUMBER ONE37.5625-90.450833033 N005 E12
NEW DISCOVERY TUNNEL37.558056-90.441389033 N005 E12
OZARK MINE37.539722-90.455278033 N005 E14
REVELLE PROSPECT37.468889-90.276667032 N007 E09
RIVER TUNNEL + SHAFT37.558056-90.441389033 N005 E12
SETTLE MINERAL PROSPECT37.387222-90.364167031 N006 E10
UNKNOWN - SILVER37.558056-90.441389033 N005 E12
UNKNOWN - SILVER37.561111-90.443611033 N005 E12
UNKNOWN - SILVER37.558056-90.444722033 N005 E12
UNKNOWN - SILVER37.561944-90.441944033 N005 E12
UNKNOWN - SILVER.TUNGSTEN37.555-90.448333033 N005 E12
WOOD CHUTE TUNNEL37.558056-90.441389033 N005 E12
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