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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Beuranite from Bachman Mine PA

Data exported from DRC 3.10 (c) 2014 Gary Kindel
ID: 2288
Mine ID: 167624
City: Hellerton
County: Northampton
Country: USA
Color: Reddish brown
Size: 1.25 (3) Perky
Description: prismatic xl sprays
Year Aquired: 2004
Price: $0.60
Value: $5.00
Notes: Old Micromount Collection From NJ Purchased from EBAY.
Stored at: Map 01 - Thumb Nails
Additional Mineral Species: Description:
Specimen Images

Dioptase and Wulfenite from Tseumb

Data exported from DRC 3.10 (c) 2014 Gary Kindel
ID: 1927
Country: NAMIBIA
Color: Green
Size: 1.25 (3) Perky
Description: xls on matrix
Year Aquired: 2002
Price: $0.60
Value: $100.00
Notes: Old Micromount Collection From NJ Purchased from EBAY.
Stored at: Map 02 - Thumb Nails
Additional Mineral Species: Description:
SMITHSONITE pale blue-grey
Specimen Images

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Millerite from Halls Gap Kentucky - Photos taked with Celestron 44203-B Digital Microscope

Data exported from DRC 3.09 (c) 2014 Gary Kindel
ID: 1928 Mineral: MILLERITE
Mine ID: Mine:
City: County:
State: KENTUCKY Country: USA
Color: brassy Size: 1.25 (3) Perky
Description: brassy needles in geode
Year Aquired: 2002 Radioactive: False
Price: $0.60 Fluorescent: False
Value: $30.00 Vendor:
Notes: Old Micromount Collection From NJ Purchased from EBAY. Stored at: Map 03 - Thumb Nails
Specimen Images

Saturday, February 1, 2014

DRC 3.0 Update - Build 3.009 is Available

Hi Everyone:

  I just released the latest update to Digital Rockhound's Companion Version 3.0.9

 Small update two small fixes.

   Bug  Fixes

  • Fixed bug in the Storage Manager assigning specimen to a storage location by dragging and dropping
  • Added cataloged column to the stored specimen and find specimen grids

  New Feature:

  • Added image capture button to mineral specimen screen (immediately beneath the front cover image) that will capture image from an active camera or digital microscope. 

  This update also rolls out DRC 3.0 to anyone using DRC version 2.0 as a free update.
  You can download the using DRC 3.0 if you have version 3.0.7 or higher, otherwise, you must download it manually.

  Download DRC_Update.exe

Digital Microscope:Celestron 44302-B Deluxe Handheld Digital Box

Celestron 44302-B Deluxe Handheld Digital Box 10x to 150x

Product Description (from Google Shopping)
The Celestron Deluxe Handheld Digital Microscope is ideal for teens as well as adults for education, discovery, work and fun. This innovative microscope design allows you to view specimens or objects on a computer screen and allows you to take snapshot images or short videos. A rugged, metal stand is included for holding the microscope steady at various positions for viewing and/or imaging. The microscope is ideally suited for examining objects such as coins, stamps, rocks, relics, insects, plants, gems, circuit boards, various materials, skin and many other objects. Also, you can examine specimen slides at low and high powers. 

Cost: ~$40.00


  • Handheld digital microscope 
  • Manually adjustable 10x to 40x and 150x digital Power 
  • Built in 2MP digital camera for snapshots and video 
  • Built in LED illuminator 
  • Photo management software 
  • Powered by USB 2.0 cable 
  • Steady metal adjustable stand Included

I recently purchase the Celestron 44302-B for $40.00 from


  • CD-ROM included with driver and application
  • Installed driver and application in Windows 7 64bit was very simple.
  • Application for microscope simple Windows application.  
  • The microscope stand uses pivots on two steel balls one attached to the base the other attached near the microscope so the stand is adjustable at two points.
  • Focus and zoom is manual by a somewhat stiff slider knob.
  • the microscope has a fairly small field of view which gets smaller at higher magnification.
  For $40.00 it is a fun little toy.  
  Zooming in and out is somewhat difficult but decent photos can be taken.
  Not recommended for the serious mineral photographer but anyone who wants to take photos of micros and thumbnails without spending $1000s on a scope should find this model  useful.

Here are some photos I've taken.

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