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Friday, March 26, 2010

Silver Mines of Granite County Montana

The principles of economic geology By William Harvey Emmons (page 248)

Sericitic Silver-gold Veins.—The sericitic silver-gold veins of Granite County, Montana,1 include several parallel lodes that are traceable for a mile or more along the strike. They cut quartz monzonite of early Tertiary age. The granite walls of the fissure fillings have not been replaced by ore to any great extent, and nowhere, so far as known, can the granite of the walls or horses be worked at a profit. The metasomatic changes which the ore-depositing solutions have produced in the granite are nevertheless noteworthy and clear in their expression. These solutions have attacked nearly all minerals in the granite and have deposited large quantities of calcite and sericite with considerable quartz. The alteration extends to varying distances, but the greatest alteration is confined to a zone less than 20 feet on each side of the vein.
Mine NameLatLongTownshipRangeSection
226 RowsData exported from DRC 2.0 (c) 2009 Gary Kindel
100-ACRE MEADOW PROSPECT46.09-113.312778004 N014 W23
A & M PROSPECT46.394167-113.135833007 N012 W05
ALBION MINE46.396111-113.09007 N012 W03
ALGONQUIN46.327778-113.265556007 N013 W30
AMERICAN BEAUTY46.424444-113.060556008 N012 W26
ANDERSON PROSPECT46.043056-113.678889003 N017 W02
ARMADA MINE46.81-113.311389012 N014 W12
B AND J CLAIM46.638333-113.723056010 N017 W10
BAGDAD MINE46.364167-113.696111007 N017 W14
BAKER & SULLIVAN46.783611-113.273889012 N013 W19
BANKER CLAIM46.416944-113.171111008 N013 W25
BANNER MINE46.090556-113.336667004 N014 W16
BANNER TAILINGS46.0575-113.533333004 N016 W36
BARBARA ANN CLAIM46.008056-113.496111003 N015 W17
BAY HORSE MINE46.331667-113.273333007 N013 W30
BEAR AND FLOAT46.446944-113.360833008 N014 W16
BELLAIRE MINE46.518611-113.087778009 N012 W22
BELLEFLOWER MINE46.498056-113.342778009 N014 W27
BELLUM MINE46.332222-113.271111007 N013 W30
BET CLAIMS46.576111-113.805833010 N018 W36
BIG BILL46.268889-113.187778006 N013 W14
BIG EXPECTATION MINE46.353056-113.221944007 N013 WN/A
BI-METALLIC46.316667-113.245007 N013 W32
BLACK PINE MINE46.447778-113.365556008 N014 W16
BLACK PINE TAILINGS46.448611-113.366111008 N014 W16
BLACK TAIL NO. 146.114167-113.286944004 N014 W12
BLACKMAIL MINE46.333889-113.265007 N013 W30
BLUE BELL LODE46.299444-113.611111006 N016 W04
BLUE BIRD46.417778-113.066667008 N012 W26
BLUE MOON MINE46.8175-113.331111012 N014 W02
BLUE STREAK NO. 2 CLAIM46.436944-113.05008 N012 W24
BM 1-66 AND COR 105 CLAIM GROUP46.416944-113.048056008 N012 W25
BOHRER MINE46.723333-113.048889011 N012 W12
BOURARD LODE46.53-113.068056009 N012 W14
BREWSTER SPAR MINE46.635833-113.552778010 N016 W12
BRONZE LODE46.240833-113.221111006 N013 W27
BROOKLYN GROUP46.39-113.126667007 N012 W05
BUNKER HILL MINE46.483056-113.3175008 N014 W02
CABIN HOME46.275-113.5006 N015 W08
CADGIE-TAYLOR MINE46.346944-113.27007 N013 W19
CANYON GROUP46.266944-113.709444006 N017 W15
CARLIN-ONE DOLLAR MINE46.288611-113.109167006 N012 W09
CLEVELAND MINE46.615278-113.820556010 N018 W23
CLEVELAND SPRING PROSPECT46.618611-113.818056010 N018 W14
CLEVELAND SUMMIT PROSPECT46.620278-113.811944010 N018 W13
CLIFF CLAIM46.230833-113.124167006 N012 W32
CLIFF MINE46.3325-113.268611007 N013 W30
CLIPPER LODE45.9475-113.566944002 N016 W03
CMLC FRIDAY MINE46.520278-113.510278009 N015 W20
COMBINATION MINE46.461111-113.399444008 N014 W07
CONFIDENT PLACER GROUP46.258889-113.201111006 N013 W22
CONTACT MINING CUSTOM MILL46.318333-113.286944007 N014 W36
CONTACT NUMBER 1 CLAIM46.379444-113.116111007 N012 W09
COPPER LODE46.403889-113.149722008 N012 W31
COPPER MOUNTAIN LODE45.987778-113.545833003 N016 W26
COPPER QUEEN46.440833-113.098333008 N012 W16
COPPER QUEEN GROUP46.403333-113.399722008 N014 W31
CRESCENT MINE46.308611-113.660833006 N017 W01
CULVER CLAIM46.515556-113.090833009 N012 W22
DANDY MINE46.816667-113.297778012 N014 W12
DEER LODGE BASIN PROSPECTS46.394167-113.080833007 N012 W03
DELAWARE MINE46.445556-113.154444008 N012 W18
DEWEY MINE46.827222-113.343056012 N014 W03
DG CLAIMS46.367778-113.099167007 N012 W09
DOUGLAS CREEK46.310556-113.263889007 N013 W31
DOUGLAS MINE46.458889-113.327222008 N014 W10
DURAND MINE46.465833-113.239167008 N013 W09
DURANGO & MOORLIGHT GROUP46.335-113.260833007 N013 W29
EAGLE & DOUBLE EAGLE46.454722-113.371111008 N014 W08
ELIZABETH SHAFT46.315-113.254722007 N013 W32
ELLEN M. CLAIMS46.616667-113.813889010 N018 W23
FAIRVIEW MINE46.814444-113.327778012 N014 W11
FINLEY BASIN PROSPECT46.367778-113.064167007 N012 W14
FIRST CHANCE MINE46.649722-113.35010 N014 W03
GEM MINE46.328889-113.267778007 N013 W30
GEORGE MINE46.225-113.101944006 N012 W33
GERTRUDE CLAIM46.331111-113.275833007 N013 W30
GOLD BUG46.586111-113.569444010 N016 W26
GOLD COIN46.175-113.120833005 N013 W20
GOLD REEF MINE46.384444-113.196667007 N013 W02
GOLDEN JUBILLE46.273889-113.190278006 N013 W14
GOULD-CORRY LODE46.285556-113.156111006 N012 W07
GRANITE CREEK PROSPECT46.375-113.108056007 N012 W09
GRANITE TAILINGS46.31-113.272778007 N013 W31
GRANITE, RUBY SHAFT46.316944-113.239722007 N013 W33
GRUBSTAKE MINE46.239444-113.209722006 N013 W27
HATTA MINE & MAGNET MINES46.537778-113.064167009 N012 W14
HEILMAN CLAIM46.4575-113.242222008 N013 W09
HERZER AND GREEN PROPERTY46.815-113.306111012 N014 W12
HIDDEN LAKE MINE46.231667-113.199167006 N013 W35
HOBO MINE46.334722-113.256111007 N013 W29
HOLLY NO. 1 MINE46.531944-113.081667009 N012 W15
HOMER CLAIM46.4775-113.246667008 N013 W05
HOMESTEAD MINE46.343611-113.269722007 N013 W19
HOPE GROUP46.344167-113.271389007 N013 W19
HOWARD CLAIM46.455278-113.246667008 N013 W08
INTERNATIONAL46.825833-113.3425012 N014 W03
ISABELLA46.328056-113.279444007 N013 W30
IVANHOE LAKE PROSPECT45.9825-113.547222003 N016 W26
IVANHOE MINE46.441944-113.075556008 N012 W14
J. JAY NO. 2 CLAIM46.633889-113.809722010 N018 W12
JACKSON MINE46.531111-113.068056009 N012 W14
JASPER & MATTLICH CLAIM45.99-113.4725003 N015 W21
JIB MINE46.333889-113.299722007 N014 E25
JOHN G. CARLISLE MINE46.443611-113.045556008 N012 W13
JOHNSON CLAIM46.474167-113.2525008 N013 W05
JOSEPHINE46.430278-113.053333008 N012 W24
JUPITER CLAIM46.326944-113.2825007 N013 W30
KURT PEAK OCCURRENCE46.041111-113.283333003 N014 W01
LAST CHANCE46.071667-113.636111004 N016 W30
LAST CHANCE CLAIM46.411111-113.295833008 N014 W25
LEAD STREAK46.438333-113.188889008 N013 W23
LEVI BURR MINE46.328611-113.263333007 N013 W30
LITTLE EMMA46.345833-113.271944007 N013 W19
LITTLE JOE46.038333-113.430556003 N015 W02
LONDONDERRY MINE46.474167-113.2425008 N013 W04
LOOKOUT CLAIM45.999444-113.461667003 N015 W21
LUCKY HANCOCK CLAIM46.604722-113.785010 N017 W19
LUCKY SEVEN CLAIM46.008056-113.461111003 N015 W16
LUCKY STAR CLAIM46.608611-113.820278010 N018 W23
LUKE CLAIMS45.9975-113.467778003 N015 W21
LYCOMING MINE46.360278-113.2525007 N013 W17
M & T MINE46.071389-113.532778004 N016 W25
MARIE CLAIM46.341667-113.265007 N013 W19
MARJEA MINE46.384722-113.120278007 N012 W05
MARONEY CLAIM46.326667-113.2575007 N013 W29
MAXVILLE TAILINGS46.474722-113.233056008 N013 W04
MAYFLOWER LODE45.985278-113.5375003 N016 W25
MCKAY46.358333-113.291667007 N013 W15
MICKEY MINE46.252222-113.203889006 N013 W22
MIDNIGHT46.331667-113.273333007 N013 W30
MINNIE LEE46.113056-113.285004 N014 W12
MITCHELL MINE46.338889-113.261667007 N013 W20
MONARCH MINE46.510278-113.088889009 N012 W27
MONK CLAIM46.100833-113.303056004 N014 W14
MONT-YORK COMPANY46.371111-113.294722007 N014 W12
MOONLIGHT MINE46.426111-113.138333008 N012 W20
MOOSE TRAIL46.209722-113.526389005 N016 W01
MORNING STAR CLAIM46.446389-113.094444008 N012 W15
MOUNTAIN BOY46.343611-113.269722007 N013 W19
MOUNTAIN CHIEF MINE46.503056-113.093611009 N012 W27
MOUNTAIN GROUP46.808889-113.256944012 N013 W08
MOUNTAIN LION MINE46.425833-113.135278008 N012 W20
MOUNTAIN VIEW COPPER MINE46.472778-113.261111008 N013 W05
MOUNTAINTOP NOS 3 & 5 CLAIMS46.422778-113.066667008 N012 W26
MULLEN MINE46.329167-113.272778007 N013 W30
MULONEY MINE46.037778-113.445833003 N015 W03
MURPHY MINE46.356667-113.254722007 N013 W17
MYERS QUARTZ CLAIM46.071389-113.532778004 N016 W25
MYRTLE MINE46.331667-113.273333007 N013 W30
N G GROUP46.333889-113.276944007 N013 W30
NATIONAL TUNGSTEN & SILVER CO. PROS46.267778-113.060556006 N012 W14
NEW HOPE CLAIM46.363333-113.286389007 N014 W13
NEW SEATTLE MINE46.465-113.240278008 N013 W09
NONPARIEL46.398889-113.137222008 N012 W32
NORTH FORK GRANITE CREEK PROS46.384444-113.084722007 N012 W03
NORTH STAR46.336667-113.284444007 N014 W25
NORTH WARREN PEAK OCCURRENCE45.990833-113.456944003 N015 W27
NUT PINE MINE46.289167-113.15006 N012 W07
OLYMPIC MINE46.367778-113.099167007 N012 W16
PARNELL GROUP MINE46.378056-113.263056007 N013 W08
PEACOCK GROUP46.464722-113.3225008 N014 W11
PEARL MINE46.510556-113.090556009 N012 W27
PEARL MINE46.330278-113.258611007 N013 W29
PORCUPINE46.226944-113.134444006 N012 W32
POWELL MINES46.347778-113.071944007 N012 W23
PRINCETON46.418333-113.164722008 N013 W25
PURITAN MINE46.334167-113.248611007 N013 W29
QUEEN MINE46.400556-113.115278008 N012 W33
RAINBOW PASS OCCURRENCE46.038333-113.311389003 N014 W02
REDEMPTION46.323611-113.275278007 N013 W31
ROBINSON MINE46.245556-113.192778006 N013 W26
ROCK CREEK MINE46.333889-113.299722007 N014 E25
ROCK CREEK PROSPECTS46.415-113.072222008 N012 W26
ROCK RABBIT AND SUNBEAM CLAIMS45.998333-113.451111003 N015 W22
ROYAL BASIN DUMP46.440833-113.098333008 N012 W16
RUMSEY TAILINGS46.292222-113.246111006 N013 W08
RUSSEL46.489167-113.3225009 N014 W35
SALLIE MELLEN CLAIM46.488611-113.253611009 N013 W32
SALLY ELLEN MINE46.451944-113.103056008 N012 W16
SALMON MINE46.331667-113.273333007 N013 W30
SAN FRANCISCO46.345833-113.272778007 N013 W19
SANDERS46.335556-113.269167007 N013 W30
SARANAC MINE46.415833-113.168611008 N013 W25
SAUNDERS46.338333-113.264722007 N013 W30
SCRATCH ALL MINE46.331389-113.266111007 N013 W30
SECOND CHANCE ORE46.446111-113.233056008 N013 W16
SENATE GROUP45.991667-113.554167003 N016 W23
SEPTEMBER SNOW CLAIM46.428333-113.036667008 N012 W24
SHAPLEIGH SHAFT46.346111-113.282222007 N013 W19
SIERRA MINE46.8275-113.333611012 N014 W03
SILVER KING MINE46.300556-113.504167006 N015 W05
SILVER KING MINE46.234722-113.045006 N012 W36
SILVER PRINCE46.335-113.252778007 N013 W29
SILVER SPRUCE LEACHING46.359722-113.2575007 N013 W17
SOUTH CLIPPER PROSPECT45.941667-113.575002 N016 W10
SPOKANE46.831111-113.361111012 N014 W04
SUMMIT MINE46.514722-113.095278009 N012 W22
SUNDAY EXTENSION MINE46.414167-113.099722008 N012 W28
SUNSET MINE46.531944-113.081667009 N012 W15
SWAMP GULCH PROSPECTS46.374167-113.192778007 N013 W11
SWEET HOME MINE46.345556-113.271667007 N013 W19
TAMARACK LAKE46-113.478611003 N015 W21
TERRID MINE46.332778-113.253056007 N013 W29
THREE METALS TUNNEL46.3325-113.241389007 N013 W28
THURSDAY FRIDAY MINE46.449167-113.120833008 N012 W17
TIGER MINE46.826111-113.348333012 N014 W03
TIM THIRD CHANCE46.111944-113.285556004 N014 W12
TROUT46.329444-113.267778007 N013 W30
TRUE FISSURE MINE46.334722-113.265007 N013 W30
TUSSLE MINE46.426111-113.084722008 N012 W22
TWILIGHT NO 146.109444-113.295833004 N014 W11
TWO PERCENT46.338889-113.271667007 N013 W19
UNKNOWN46.123889-113.285833004 N014 W01
UNKNOWN46.113611-113.296944004 N014 W11
UNNAMED LEAD DEPOSIT46.55-113.088889009 N012 W10
UNNAMED LEAD SILVER PROSPECT46.777222-113.3825012 N014 W20
UPPER GRANITE PROSPECT46.391944-113.085556007 N012 W03
W. J. BRYAN46.414444-113.168611008 N013 W25
WARREN PEAK PROPERTY45.990278-113.461944003 N015 W21
WASA MINE46.499444-113.098056009 N012 W27
WELLCOME LODE46.233889-113.144167006 N012 W31
WEST GRANITE SHAFT46.314722-113.266111007 N013 W31
YOUNG AMERICA MINE46.318889-113.253611007 N013 W32

Silver Mines of Southwestern Idaho

From   The principles of economic geology  By William Harvey Emmons  (page 248)

Gold-silver-adularia Veins.—The gold-silver veins of De Lamar and Silver City, Idaho, are post-Miocene deposits that were formed very near the present surface. These veins are in rhyolite, basalt, and granite. The surface at the time of deposition, as shown by Lindgren,2 was not more than 700 to 2,000 feet above the deposits mined. The gangue consists of quartz and adularia, with some chalcedony. Much of the quartz is pseudomorphous after calcite or barite. Small quantities of chlorite, epidote, barite, siderite, and calcite are present also. The ore minerals are gold, silver, argentite, proustite, pyrargyrite, polybasite, miargyrite (AgSbS2), chalcopyrite, zinc blende, galena, pyrite, and a little marcasite. Some of the rich ore was formed very near the old surface and is probably primary. The analyses of the altered rhyolite show that potash and aluminum have been removed as well as soda. The removal of both the alkalies, the presence of marcasite and chalcedony, and the extensive kaolinization of the walls are noteworthy.

Chloritic Alteration in Granitic Rock.—In many metalliferous districts three principal types of alteration are recognized— chloritic alteration in a zone extending far out from the deposits, extensive sericitization within this zone, and silication near the master fractures. Where the fractures are closely spaced the area of sericitic alteration may be hundreds of feet wide and the chloritic alteration may extend over thousands of feet. At Butte, Mont., the chloritic alteration consists chiefly of the development of chlorite and pyrite in the iron-bearing minerals, and the clouding of feldspar by incipient sericitization. Some epidote and secondary quartz also are developed. This phase appears in practically all the granite within the mineral-bearing area at Butte. Alteration of this type is attended by relatively little addition or subtraction of material. It is believed to have been brought about by gases or by waters that deposited ore and sericitized the wall rock near the ore-bearing fissures. Although less extensive, the chemical changes brought about by chloritic alteration are chemically similar to those accomplished by sericitization.

Chloritic Alteration in Lavas (Propylitic Alteration).—In many districts, particularly in certain western camps, where ore deposits were formed in lavas during Miocene and Pliocene time, the country rock is altered over wide areas. Near the surface, rooks fracture more readily than at greater depths, because they are not held down by so great a mass of overlying rocks. Hot waters and gases ascending along major fractures spread out, entering cracks and joints and mineralizing practically the entire country rock between the veins. In such a district the rocks in an area of more than a square mile may be altered, and if the district lies in a mountain range the mineralized area may be noted by an observer miles away. Experienced prospectors appreciate the significance of the alterations, which give what some designate a "kindly look" to the rock. Andesite and basalt are generally changed to a dull green; rhyolite to a paler green and locally to a chalky white.

A common type of such alteration is the propylitic phase, in which the following changes are noteworthy: Minerals containing iron, such as hornblende, pyroxene, and biotite, are altered to chlorite, epidote, and pyrite. Glassy feldspars lose their glassy habit. A glassy groundmass is recrystallized largely to feldspar and quartz, with some chlorite, epidote, and calcite. Some sericite is nearly always developed. Chemically there is a loss of sodium and generally of alkaline earths; sulphur and water are added. These changes are very common in andesites, dacites, andjmsalts. In rhyolite less chlorite and more sericite may be formed, and quartz may be added in considerable quantities by the silication of iron-bearing minerals and feldspars. In many districts the alteration increases near the veins, where less chlorite is developed and more sulphides and quartz. As in granite, three types of alteration are distinguished in some districts— chloritic alteration extending over wide areas, sericitic alteration nearer the veins, and silication of the wall rock adjoining the main fractures.

Sericitic and Propylitic Alteration Compared.—Sericitic alteration and propylitic alteration are the most common types of hydrothermal metamorphism of igneous rocks near veins that are formed at moderate and at shallow depths. They are generally attended by similar chemical changes, although the changes involved in sericitization are greater.

The propylitic and sericitic alterations at Tonopah, Nevada, have been closely studied. The Tonopah district,3 is a fault mosaic of Tertiary eruptive rocks, probably of Miocene and Pliocene age.
Mine NameCountyLatLongTownshipRangeSection
129 RowsData exported from DRC 2.0 (c) 2009 Gary Kindel
ADDIE CONSOLIDATEDOWYHEE43.0125-116.726111005 S003 W05
ALTA PROPERTYOWYHEE43.020278-116.828611005 S004 W05
ALTER CREEK MINING COOWYHEE42.897222-116.601667006 S001 W15
BANNEROWYHEE43.009167-116.757222005 S004 W12
BAY STATE GROUPOWYHEE42.754444-116.930833008 S005 W04
BERGOWYHEE43.1525-116.820556003 S004 W21
BERGH-SUNNYSIDE GROUPOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
BIG BOY PROSPECTOWYHEE42.950556-116.799167005 S004 W34
BLACK JACKOWYHEE43.022222-116.757222005 S004 W01
BOONEVILLEOWYHEE43.0225-116.755278005 S004 W01
BOULDER CREEK MINESOWYHEE42.901389-116.703889006 S003 W28
BROWNEYOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
BRUNZELLOWYHEE43.016389-116.763611005 S004 W01
CHATAUQUAOWYHEE43.016389-116.7525005 S004 W05
CHUCKER HILLOWYHEE43.138611-116.395003 S001 E31
CONSOLIDATED MINE & DREDGE COOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
CONTINENTAL QUICKSILVEROWYHEE43.015833-116.814167005 S004 W04
COOK GROUPOWYHEE43.013611-116.791667005 S004 W03
COPPER KING PROSPECTOWYHEE42.708056-116.983611008 S006 W24
COSMOPOLITANOWYHEE43.089722-116.709444004 S003 W08
CRESCENT MINEOWYHEE42.928889-116.768611006 S004 W02
CROWN POINTOWYHEE43.014444-116.743889005 S003 W06
CUMBERLANDOWYHEE43.002778-116.686667005 S003 W09
DAISY CLAIMOWYHEE43.01-116.840556005 S004 W05
DAVIS SILVER MINES INCOWYHEE42.959444-116.795005 S004 W27
DELAMAR SILVER MINEOWYHEE43.013611-116.826944005 S004 W05
DELAMAR SILVER MINE AND MILLOWYHEE42.999444-116.696667005 S003 W09
DEWEYOWYHEE43.038333-116.764722004 S004 W36
DOUGH BOYOWYHEE42.932778-116.786944006 S004 W03
EAST CREEK MINEOWYHEE42.924444-116.750833006 S004 W01
EAST FORK OF REYNOLDS CREEKOWYHEE43.084722-116.758333004 S004 W12
EMPIREOWYHEE43.005556-116.709444005 S003 W08
EMPIRE STATEOWYHEE43.021111-116.753333005 S004 W01
ERDMAN TUNNELOWYHEE43.005556-116.751667005 S004 W12
GALE EXPLORATION & MINING CORPOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
GARFIELDOWYHEE43.021111-116.844722005 S004 W05
GOLD BUGOWYHEE43.000833-116.711389005 S003 W08
GOLDEN CHARIOTOWYHEE43.006944-116.6975005 S003 W09
GOLDEN CROWN MINEOWYHEE42.853333-116.440278006 S001 W34
GOLDEN CYCLEOWYHEE43.0175-116.849722005 S004 W06
GOLDEN GATEOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
GOLDEN REWARD MINING & MILLING COOWYHEE42.818611-116.630278007 S003 W13
GOLDSIL MINES INCOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
GRAY EAGLE CLAIM MINEOWYHEE42.930833-116.768333006 S004 W02
HAPPY BOYOWYHEE42.547222-116.1010 S003 E16
HENRIETTAOWYHEE43.012778-116.851667005 S004 W06
HOME CLAIMOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
HOMESTAKEOWYHEE43.013333-116.573889005 S002 W04
HOOSIER LEASINGOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
HOPE CLAIMSOWYHEE42.730278-115.314444008 S010 E17
HORNETOWYHEE42.935-116.787222006 S004 W02
HUMBOLDTOWYHEE43.025278-116.756667004 S004 W36
IDA BELLEOWYHEE43.174722-116.804722003 S004 W10
IDA ELMOREOWYHEE43.0075-116.6975005 S003 W09
INDEPENDENCE SHAFTOWYHEE42.750556-116.940278008 S005 W04
INDIAN HOT SPRINGOWYHEE42.3375-115.65012 S007 E33
INTERSTATE GOLD MINING COOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
IVA GRACEOWYHEE42.919444-116.777778006 S004 W11
JEFFERSON CLAIMOWYHEE42.938889-116.789444005 S004 W34
JORDAN CREEK PLACER MINEOWYHEE42.978889-116.878056005 S005 W24
LAST CHANCE PROSPECTOWYHEE42.881389-116.593333006 S002 W20
LEE MINESOWYHEE43.013333-116.573889005 S002 W04
LEPLEYOWYHEE43.011667-116.837778005 S004 W05
LIBERTYOWYHEE43.011111-116.707222005 S003 W04
LINDYOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
MAHOGANYOWYHEE43.002778-116.686944005 S003 W09
MAMMOTH MINEOWYHEE42.873611-116.720278006 S003 W29
MANHATTANOWYHEE43.017222-116.833333005 S004 W05
MARTIN PROSPECTOWYHEE42.944167-116.800556005 S004 W34
MAY DAYOWYHEE42.844444-116.340278007 S001 E04
MCCALL MINEOWYHEE42.9075-116.6525006 S003 W14
MILESTONEOWYHEE43.029167-116.861111004 S004 E31
MINNESOTAOWYHEE43.004444-116.6975005 S003 W09
MONARCAOWYHEE43.143611-116.826667003 S004 W21
MORNING STAROWYHEE43.020556-116.730278005 S003 W06
MOTHER LODE GOLD MINING & MILLINGOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
MOUNTAIN CHIEFOWYHEE43.013333-116.573889005 S003 W09
NELLIE ANN NO 1OWYHEE42.9475-116.796389005 S004 W34
NEVER SWEATOWYHEE42.991944-116.710278005 S003 W17
NORTH AMERICAN SILVER CORPOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
NUGENT ANTIMONY MINEOWYHEE43.069444-116.728889004 S003 W18
ONTARIOOWYHEE43.018056-116.773333005 S004 W01
ORO FINOOWYHEE43.010833-116.698333005 S003 W04
OROGRANDE GOLD INCOWYHEE43.013333-116.573889005 S002 W04
OWYHEE SILVER MININGOWYHEE42.998889-116.109167005 S003 E09
PAUPEROWYHEE43.001111-116.710833005 S003 W08
PAUPEROWYHEE43-116.708611005 S003 W08
PERSVERANCEOWYHEE42.920556-116.778333006 S004 W11
PIXLEY BASIN MINING COOWYHEE42.818611-116.630278007 S003 W13
POORMANOWYHEE43.005556-116.709722005 S003 W08
POTOSIOWYHEE43.014444-116.732222005 S003 W06
PYRAMID PLACER MINEOWYHEE42.986389-116.086111005 S003 E15
QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAINSOWYHEE42.750556-116.930278008 S005 W09
RICH GULCH MINEOWYHEE43.011111-116.778056005 S004 W02
RISING STAROWYHEE42.919722-116.776667006 S004 W11
RUBY CITY MINING COOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
RUTHOWYHEE43.0175-116.715556005 S003 W05
SAN JUANOWYHEE43.004444-116.700278005 S003 W09
SIERRA NEVADAOWYHEE43.015278-116.751389005 S004 W01
SILVER BURG MINEOWYHEE43.161389-116.835833003 S004 W17
SILVER CITY GOLD MINESOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
SILVER CORDOWYHEE43.005-116.709444005 S003 W08
SILVER QUEENOWYHEE42.927222-116.775556006 S004 W02
SILVER VAULT PROPERTYOWYHEE43.005833-116.840278005 S004 W08
SINKER TUNNELOWYHEE43.019722-116.680833005 S003 W03
SOMMERCAMP PLACEROWYHEE43.009722-116.838056005 S004 W05
SOUTH CHARIOTOWYHEE43.003333-116.697222005 S003 W09
SOUTH MOUNTAIN MINEOWYHEE42.741667-116.910278008 S005 W10
STANDARDOWYHEE42.740556-116.904167008 S005 W10
STORMY HILLOWYHEE43.004722-116.706667005 S003 W09
SUMMITOWYHEE43.017778-116.767778005 S004 W02
SUNNYSIDE MINEOWYHEE43.016389-116.604722005 S002 W05
TAIMAGE RAWHIDE MINE COOWYHEE42.818611-116.630278007 S003 W13
TANGOOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
TIP TOPOWYHEE43.0175-116.773056005 S004 W01
TRADE DOLLAROWYHEE43.009167-116.743056005 S003 W07
TREASURE VAULTOWYHEE42.930278-116.778333006 S004 W02
TROOKOWYHEE43.013333-116.716111005 S003 W05
TUNNEL GROUPOWYHEE42.750278-116.922778008 S005 W04
TWIN PEAK PROSPECTSOWYHEE43.086667-116.856667004 S004 W07
VENUS CLAIMOWYHEE43.001667-116.761667005 S004 W12
VILLAGE BLACKSMITHOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17
WHITE HORSEOWYHEE42.93-116.835833006 S004 W05
YMIR CONSOLIDATED MINING COOWYHEE43.075278-116.718056004 S003 W17

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