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Saturday, February 13, 2010

DRC 2.0 Update - Build 2.029 is Available

Hi everyone:

I just released an update to Digital Rockhound's companion version 2.0.

     * Improved Mineral Search
         - Added dropdown list for Cleavage values
         - Added dropdown list for Fracture values
         - Added dropdown list for crystal habit values
         - Added Country/State/County parameters to search to produce list of mineral species found at selected region.
     * Replaced existing webbrowser control based on  IE with newer control supported by the .net Framework.
         - Google cutting IE 6.0 support March 1, 2010.
     * ImageImport Tool
         - Added button to delete all selected images from temporary cache       
     * Digital Map Layers
        - Replaced mapping control with newer control written in C# .netframework 2.0
    * DRC to Blogger interface
       - Added View Data to list export.  Allows you to remove rows before export.
       - Changed button icons and added tooltip text
       - Added multiple select list of existing tags so user can add tags when creating a blog post        

   Bug Fixes
    * DRC to Blogger interface 
        - Fixed bug prevented blog entries from being updated after being cached locally.
        - Fixed bug that could cause google login to be very slow.
      - Corrected messages in status bar to properly reflect actions while searching.
      * ImageImport Tool
        - Fixed File delete from temporary image cache

Existing customers can automatically download this update using DRC 2.0

Link to the update is here:

Full revision history

This update is free to all current users of DRC 2.0.
I have sent email notification to all current users, however if you feel you should get this update and did not receive an email please contact me Gary Kindel.

Gary Kindel
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