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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blog your mineral Collection

Coming to DRC 2.0 this October: Blog your mineral collection!

I finally have my DRC to Blogger / PicasaWeb interface finished and working.
With this software, I can directly from DRC 2.0 blog a mineral specimen entry with photos directly to a Blogger blog. There is abit a testing I need to finish with one or two small details to polish making it a bit easier to use but ITS WORKING!!!!. This will be a free upgrade to all current DRC 2.0 users.

I hope to have the update available by October 15th.

Picasa (free)
Google Account with PicasaWeb enabled (free)
Blogger (free)
DRC 2.0 (almost free $34.00)

Here is a specimen from my mineral collection: Beraunite specimen from eastern PA.

Data exported from DRC 2.0 (c) 2009 Gary Kindel

Mine ID:167624Mine:BACHMAN MINE



Color:Reddish brown Size:1.25 (3) Perky

Description:prismatic xl sprays

Year Aquired:2004Radioactive:False



Notes:Old Micromount Collection From NJ Purchased from EBAY.Stored at:Map 1 - Thumb Nails

Additional Mineral Species:Description:

Specimen Images

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